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How do you identify and recruit the right DevOps talent for your organisation?
A riveting clash between two IT titans: DevOps and SRE
DevOps, the fusion of development and operations, has revolutionised software development and deployment practices.
DevOps professionals play a pivotal role in enabling organisations to achieve seamless collaboration between development and operations teams.
With many people facing redundancy due to the current economic climate, having a strong CV can make all the difference in securing your next role.
We will discuss the 5 biggest DevOps project failures that you can’t afford to make and how to avoid them in the future.
95% of respondents in a recent Bloomberg Intelligence survey reported that they are currently permitted to work from home in some capacity. 
Today, the five-day workweek is deeply ingrained in our society and work culture. Check out this recent trial of a 4-day week. 
DevOps is a rapidly growing field that is in high demand across many industries. 
When it's time to fill a key tech vacancy, it's vital that you know the right way to approach the recruitment process.
Regularly attending DevOps events is a great way to learn about the latest trends, frameworks, practices, platforms, and skills in DevOps. 
Including benefits in your job descriptions is important to not only attract top talent in a competitive industry but also to improve the work culture within your company. 
What are DevOps Engineers’ biggest concerns about their current work circumstances? We asked our consultants.
The UK’s tech sector is constantly growing; every second, an estimated 127 new devices around the world connect to the internet.
When you alert your current employer that you have received a job offer from another company, they may look to propose a counteroffer to hold onto you.
Over the last few years, the tech industry has seen unprecedented growth, fuelled by the demand for companies to digitalise their platforms.
If you’re looking for a job in the DevOps space and want to stand out from the rest, polishing your CV is one of the first steps to take.
Every company wants to save time and hiring costs by easily identifying a quality employee. 
How can you as an employer or an employee actively contribute to a sustainable office space and is it worth the effort?
If you believe you’ve outgrown your current salary package and want to be rewarded for your current work; here are some things to consider before you start planning for a pay rise. 
Networking is vital for personal growth and the development of your career. Your professional relationship extends from colleagues and business connections to your social network.
DevOps roles are in high demand, and they yield a high salary, therefore employers want to ensure they’re hiring people with the highest level of education/training.
Why we believe we, Prism Digital, is one of the best DevOps recruitment agencies in London.
Getting the best out of your recruitment partners is crucial to a fruitful hiring process. 
A good DevOps team can be crucial to the success of your company’s engineering goals and aspirations. 
Have you ever considered switching up to contracting? Contractors can create a work environment that suits them.
A DevOps engineer is a highly specialized role that requires extensive experience, offering an intelligent recruitment strategy is key.
Improving diversity can not only benefit the work atmosphere but the efficiency and reputation of a company.
Why London is one of the tech hubs of the world and how DevOps plays an important role in its success.
DevOps Engineers are in high demand due to growing digitalisation from the pandemic and the high skillset required to fulfil the role.
 If you are actively involved in the DevOps community, London DevOps is a must.
Good Mental Health in the workplace is important for every employer to focus on and we take it very seriously.
Now we are seeing the end to zoom calls, we’re back to the ‘real deal’ of in person interviews. 
It’s crucial for your company to employ top tech talent, however tech professionals are very much aware that they’re in high demand.
Taking a Look at Some of the Most Innovative ‘Vegan Tech’ Brands who are Changing the Game
If we all make small changes and encourage our employers to do better we will achieve the impossible!
IR35 was put on hold and everyone breathed a sigh of relief… Some were hopeful it would be forgotten… sadly not! It’s back on!
Blueprint LDN – 10 & 11 March – Come and say hi, we’re exhibiting!!
Our Review: Co-Author Marc Cluet – Epic Failures in DevSecOps (Volume Two)
I am continuously fascinated by the topic of diversity and inclusion in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields.
What is DevOps and how does Prism Digital implement DevOps into their work place and practices?
With businesses recognising the mental health of their staff as a key reflection on performance, more is being invested in supporting team members.
A hot topic regularly discussed is “Is the future of cloud in AWS”?
Are you at the forefront of technology innovation or somewhere behind your competitors?
Is it time to look for the next step in your new Devops jobs search?

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