The Team

Meet our wonderful team of experts. Feel free to get in touch with any
member of the Prism team!
Alex Dover
Director & Founder

I’ve been helping candidates find opportunities in the DevOps & Cloud space since before the word DevOps existed! My hobbies are house music, DJ'ing, all things Devon and the gym. And I’m vegan! Drinks: 0.5% Craft Beer

Tel: +4420 3800 1236

Samantha Redding
Senior DevOps & Cloud Consultant

My extensive network of DevOps professionals allows me to bring quality CVs to my clients every time! Could I live without TV? Yes! Music? No! I love the beach, anything sweet and I believe in star signs! Drinks: NZ Sauvignon Blanc

Tel: +4420 3800 1242

Siveshen Chetty
Senior Delivery Consultant

I aim to engage with candidates on a technical level while gaining a clear understanding of their personal needs. My pass times include gaming, beatboxing, and downloading papers I’ll never read. Drinks: Coffee

Tel: +4420 3800 1241

Eman Abobakr
DevOps and Cloud Consultant

I’ve worked in Recruitment for five years now and love placing DevOps candidates into their dream jobs. I’m originally from the Middle East. My hobbies are travelling and cooking! Drinks: Vodka Coke

Tel: +4420 3905 6814

Sylvia VanHeerden
Senior Delivery Consultant

I am the polyglot of the group and I love to find candidates that hide in the dark universe of tech – if you exist, I will find you! In my spare time I enjoy relaxing, reading, family and friends. Drinks: Wine - Sauvignon Blanc

Tel: +4420 3800 1240

Rowan Swift
Recruitment Consultant

I specialise in matching candidates with the best DevOps & Cloud opportunities out there & vice versa! My hobbies are the gym, cycling, music, partying and travelling. Drinks: Tequila, Soda & Lime

Tel: +4420 3800 1206

Jack Brawn
Marketing & Operations Manager

I joined Prism as a student and never left! These days I look after Prism’s CRM, provide market insight, and help with non-recruitment activities. I enjoy watching football, going to the gym, and listening to music. Drinks: Beer

Tel: +4420 3800 1239

Gaelle Janin
Operations Manager

I look after internal hiring, contracts, compliance, supporting the team and events to name but a few of my responsibilities. Happiest at the beach with friends and family! Drinks: St Germain on the Rocks

Tel: +447990 620804

Steph Worthington
Marketing Assistant

I manage the social media accounts at Prism and post blogs on our website. I also enjoy writing journalistic pieces as part of my degree at London College of Fashion. My hobbies include: singing and the gym. Drinks: Vodka Coke

Tel: +4420 3800 1234