How do you Recruit a DevOps Engineer?

When it's time to fill a key tech vacancy, it's vital that you know the right way to approach the recruitment process. Right now, as with many other tech and IT roles, DevOps engineers are in high demand, which has resulted in a candidate-led jobs market. With talented professionals effectively being able to pick and choose the right opportunities, the onus on organisations looking to hire is to craft a targeted strategy for recruitment. The following tips can help your business to succeed in attracting the quality talent you need. 

Don't Focus on Buzzwords

The first step to recruiting a DevOps engineer is to avoid getting hung up on buzzwords - including the very term DevOps engineer. Instead, take the time to consider exactly who you will need to fulfil your business objectives. Look at the project or vacancy in terms of the skills gap that needs to be bridged, and be specific about these competencies or specialisms when you create your job advert. If there are qualifications that will be essential or even just desirable, include these details, too. By having a clear idea as to what your target candidate will look like yourself, you will be starting out with a far greater chance of attracting exactly this kind of person.

Don't overlook the value of those so-called "soft skills", either, as choosing a candidate with these qualities can make a significant difference to the chances of a successful hire. After all. your new DevOps engineer will not be working in a vacuum, so highlight the need for good communication skills, the ability to solve problems under pressure, and, of course, to work effectively with their new colleagues. Choosing someone who can fit in with your company culture is important, as a bad personality clash can lead to a significant loss of morale in the workplace. You may feel that someone with a sound understanding of your business may be ideal, too. Focus interviews on ensuring that your chosen candidate can deliver in these areas, as well as in terms of their technical skills. 

Broaden Your Search

To reach the widest pool of candidates, it makes sense to avoid relying on the usual job sites. Instead, make use of your professional network to try and identify professionals who may be interested in your DevOps vacancy. This is a great way to find potential employees who will share your culture of engagement. Make use of social networking platforms, too. LinkedIn is the obvious choice, but don't stop there. Look at dedicated DevOps forums and platforms, too. This can also be a great way to connect with less-represented demographics, who can be a rich source of DevOps talent.

And when you find the ideal person for your vacancy, be sure to put your firm in a strong position to seal the deal. Create a tempting salary package with the right benefits: these don't always need to blow the budget, either. These days, more and more tech candidates are favouring organisations which can offer perks such as a positive, inclusive working environment, the chance of hybrid or flexible working patterns, and a commitment to sustainability.


Partner With the Experts

Of course, the easiest way to reach the right DevOps candidates is to partner with specialists in DevOps recruitment. There are specialist agencies out there that focus on DevOps hiring day-in-day-out. It is their job to network with passive and active DevOps candidates in the market to provide clients with typically hard-to-get staff. Due to the highly competitive nature of hiring in the DevOps space, simply posting a job advert will not yield the top applications you require, in addition, active headhunting is often required too. This can require huge effort and expense, especially if you do not have prior experience. That is where a specialist talent partner could provide you with the support you need.

At Prism Digital, we can connect you with candidates who meet all of your criteria, allowing you to achieve your business objectives and take the guesswork out of the recruitment process. Get in touch today!