Why Prism is one of the Best DevOps Recruitment Agencies

Of course, we are biased! But we wanted to share with you all the reasons why we believe we, Prism Digital, is one of the best DevOps recruitment agencies in London.

DevOps recruitment can be hard – DevOps professionals are some of the most skilled and valuable people within tech. It is no surprise therefore that virtually every company in the world with a technology function desires them. From this we see intense competition and rivalry between businesses to secure the talents of the top candidates in the market. Something which Prism Digital has been helping companies with for almost a decade now (almost as long as the concept of ‘DevOps’ has been around!). 

After close to 10 years of headhunting, networking, and hiring in the DevOps space, we believe we have honed the fine art of securing the best talent in the DevOps market for our clients. Here is why…

We take a genuine interest in DevOps

For many recruiters, the industries they hire into are inconsequential. As long as they have a superficial understanding of what their clients’ requirements are, that is enough. Not for us. We take a genuine and extensive interest in our niche specialism: DevOps. 

Having worked as a niche recruitment agency for years, we have developed a comprehensive understanding for the technological and cultural elements of DevOps. Not only because we headhunt in the space, but because we ourselves actually find it fascinating! That is why books like the Phoenix Project are mandatory reading in the office, why we have had consultants discuss DevOps topics at technology-focussed events, as well as had consultants appear on podcasts to discuss DevOps related questions. 

Our interest and knowledge of DevOps technologically, culturally and of the market extends well beyond our standard hours of work. As a result, we are the best placed agency in London to interpret and deliver on a client’s DevOps requirements, as well as provide high value-add consultancy. 

We are actively involved in the DevOps community 

One key tenet of DevOps is community. The DevOps profession is not only an effective and growingly popular engineering methodology, but at its heart, it also promotes community and collaboration. At Prism, we have embraced the community elements of DevOps by co-organising two meetup groups (London DevOps & WinOps London) and a conference (WinOps Conf) for a number of years now. 

These events not only give us at Prism a fantastic opportunity to keep up to date with the latest trends going on in the DevOps world, but they are also a great chance for us to network with the best and most active talent in the market. Some of the finest engineers we have placed into positions for our clients have come directly from the community events we are involved in. Remaining actively involved in the DevOps community means we always have our ears to the ground, and it is why so many of our placements come from direct referrals. 


We are niche specialists 

When we said we are a DevOps recruitment agency, we weren’t lying! DevOps and Cloud is our core vertical in the talent space – meaning virtually all the roles we work are DevOps related. 

Operating in a tight niche of DevOps means we are laser-focussed on the industry and are constantly keeping up to date with which engineers in the space are actively looking, which engineers are passively looking, and which engineers are worth headhunting. 

It also means that at any one time, we have live DevOps candidates on our books who are immediately available to be interviewed and potentially placed within days! If you have a DevOps requirement, you can be sure that Prism Digital will have multiple, top-level candidates ready for you to talk to.

Get in touch!

These are some of the reasons why we believe Prism Digital is one of the best recruitment agencies in London, but of course we are biased. If you have a DevOps requirement, we would love for you to put us to the test, so do get in touch, and we would be happy to take on the challenge!