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Lead DevOps Engineer 2023-10-31 Lead DevOps Engineer | Kubernetes, AWS, Linux | PharmaTech Our client, an extremely well-funded (Bill Gates Foundation) PharmaTech scale-up is looking to hire their Lead DevOps Engineer. Penpole 2023-12-01

Lead DevOps Engineer

£100,000 - £120,000

Alex Dover

100000 DAY

£100,000 - £120,000


Lead DevOps Engineer | Kubernetes, AWS, Linux | PharmaTech


Our client, an extremely well-funded (Bill Gates Foundation) PharmaTech scale-up is looking to hire their Lead DevOps Engineer. You will be joining a company that has been established by a selection of 'VIPs' in the Pharma industry (think GSK, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, The Francis Crick Institute etc.). They are building a pharma company from the ground up with AI at its core. They are building a 'new' Pharma company based on 21st-century thinking and built on AI/ML tech! Currently, the firm is 40 people strong with growth plans to reach 80 over the next 12 months.


As a Lead DevOps Engineer, you will be joining their growing organisation and taking ownership of their Linux, AWS and Kubernetes-based infrastructure. As a Lead DevOps Engineer, you will have ultimate responsibility for all the cloud and infrastructure technology along with leading some contractors/consultants and ultimately building out a small team.


As this is a lead role and is very strategic working with other management stakeholders it will be expected that you will work out of the Euston office 3 days a week.


Essential Skills:

  • AWS Cloud
  • Kubernetes and K8s cluster build and design knowledge
  • Linux System Administration for our client's on-prem Linux infra - the OS is Ubuntu, but experience in any flavour is good
  • Python experience is preferred, but if you are strong with another development language this will be considered


Having a Computer Science Degree is strongly preferred as your peers will be from a highly academic background.


You will be responsible for the AWS cloud and on-prem infrastructures that are containerised using Kubernetes. The environments support the client's ML Operations which are split into three teams:

  • Lab Team - They generate the data - and then this gets passed to
  • The Data Science team who analyses the data which then gets passed to
  • The Machine Learning team who then process and automate the data


You should be a hands-on Linux, AWS and Kubernetes person, with Python skills. This role introduces machine learning and the software environment surrounding it works closely with the Nvidia cluster and partners with the Cambridge 1 supercomputer. There is MASSIVE computing power here and a unique opportunity to have the best access to some of the highest computing capacity.


Technical environment:

  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • Linux (Ubuntu is the OS)
  • Work closely with Nvidia cluster and partnership in Cambridge-1 - 100s of latest GPUs!
  • Public Cloud: Oracle Cloud and making the transition to a hybrid model with an internal cluster
  • Some data science sitting on AWS
  • Few services i.e. databases in Kubernetes in Oracle Cloud
  • $650,000 spend on the on-prem environment DGX - hardware servers Ubuntu machines $300k per machine - 2 machines.
  • HGX is $150k and has one but will be buying more. Massive servers and switches to support the systems.
  • Bare-metal super-fast, super low latency.
  • Looking for someone to take ownership of the systems, and databases, and support the development of the data infrastructure.



  • Help build the clusters in K8s, move them to data centres and AWS environments and operationalise it
  • LLM and logging
  • Dashboarding
  • Building a team
  • Build out on-prem clusters in DC and make sure it plays nicely in AWS
  • Support scaling of code from single GPU to multi-GPUs for PyTorch, PyTorch-lightning and PyTorch geometric
  • Support ML training at scale (10s of GPUs internally and hundreds externally).
  • Build the data infrastructure, including a knowledge graph to support ML training at the Terabyte scale
  • Operationalise the MLOps in a Lab in the loop setting (build the pipeline to define the next round of experiments (Airflow in a loop))
  • Potential future project: lab automation (robots trained offline in a metaverse setting and run in the lab)



  • Bonus
  • Potential stock options
  • Friday socials drinks
  • 3 days a week in the office


This is a great chance to work with a growing, forward-thinking company. Apply today for the best chance of success!


Lead DevOps Engineer | Kubernetes, AWS, Linux | PharmaTech

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