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Cloud Engineer 2022-05-20 Cloud Engineer -AWS - CI/CD -Terraform -Jenkins -Leading International Software House A Cloud Engineer opportunity has been created to meet the needs of an international software company Penpole 2022-06-20

Cloud Engineer

£65,000 - £85,000

Samantha Redding

65000 DAY

£65,000 - £85,000


Cloud Engineer | AWS | CI/CD | Terraform | Jenkins | Leading International Software House

An exciting Cloud Engineer opportunity has been created to meet the needs of an international software company and its ever-growing customer base. A software company that solves real-world problems with innovative solutions and modern technology stacks.

This Software company has been providing innovative, automated, and cloud-centric solutions for nearly four decades. Helping the likes of banks, public institutions, insurance companies and telecommunication firms get their mission-critical systems online. Committed to bringing their client's ideas to life by rapidly deploying transformative and reliable software solutions - freeing up their client's time to focus on differentiating themselves in the market.

You will get the chance to work with dynamic project teams, while pursuing your own career growth through a continuous learning programme. If you are passionate about technological innovations and enjoy sharing your knowledge and ideas with more junior engineers, then I would love to speak with you.

You will need to be a Cloud Engineer with solid experience working containerised workloads and platforms, CI/CD tools and in building a supporting engineering team in the delivery Lifecyle.

  • You will be responsible for the Setup and management of CI/CD pipelines
  • Positioning and design of cloud Infrastructure
  • Monitoring and observability
  • infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
  • Testing automation
  • Experience with distributed architectures (Microservices, Serverless)
  • Mentoring and coaching engineering teams
  • CI/CD practised and implementations
  • Disaster Recovery and Testing (Chaos Engineering)


  • Azure/AWS level certification or substantial years of experience
  • Be familiar with containerisation and container platforms
  • Familiar with Serverless platforms
  • Experience monitoring and observability (distributed tracing, Visualization)
  • Mentoring
  • Monitoring and Observability Practises and tooling (SLO, SLI, SLA)

Candidates must have a good understanding of the following services and/ or concepts:

AWS /Azure

Observability and Monitoring (Xray, CloudWatch, Open Tracing, Grafana, ELK, EFK)

DevOps Practises and Tools CI/CD (AWS DevOps Tools, Jenkins or similar)


IaC (Terraform/CloudFormation/Pulumi/CDK)

Sufficient Knowledge of system architectures and deployment patterns

Blend of operation and development experience

Programming language experience (JavaScript/Go/Python/Java)

Cloud Engineer -AWS - CI/CD -Terraform -Jenkins -Leading International Software House

Job reference: #9486